About us

The story of Spy Cup began in Japan, where I went as an independent filmmaker to film the annual dolphin hunt and the clashes between western animal rights activists and the local government.

A few days after arriving my volunteer interpreter gets arrested and ends up spending 53 days in Jail

The next day I get randomly stopped by Japanese police and they bring me in for questioning. At this point I become very concerned for my own safety.

They promptly inform me that I’m not allowed to film inside the station. While sitting there I realized that I have the perfect recording device right in my hands, which is my iPhone, but I have no way of using it without them knowing. This is when it hit me: There's got to be a better way!

Coffee cup is the perfect everyday object in which we can conceal a recording device without raising suspicion. I believe that SpyCup can revolutionize the field of citizenship journalism.

Many of the previously inaccessible places that were hidden away from public scrutiny can now be exposed. You can walk into a slaughterhouse with this device or attend a secret board meeting while hiding your recording device in plain sight.

The test footage you see on the main page was filmed inside the restaurant of my building. You can see that there's virtually no reduction in video quality after you place your iPhone inside the cup and that it barely muffles the sound. You can also see that while I'm walking the video remains very stable, this is because humans have a built in stabilization mechanism inside our brain which allows us not to spill the coffee in our mugs while we’re walking.

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