To the defense of FTC

Spy cup was originally created as a product that fights for social justice, effectively giving the power to the people to become undercover citizen journalists and safely film things like riots and police brutality. Read more about the original genesis here.

I follow organizations like “Human rights watch” and “Public Citizen” as well as government organizations like “FTC” and have noticed how much negative publicity FTC is getting.

A lot of people doubt the effectiveness of FTC. One of the main reasons is because they manage the “Do Not Call” list, and as we all know today we’re getting more telemarketing calls than ever before.

So why is it that FTC allows all of these calls to come through?

This is the type of uneducated question that leads people to the wrong conclusions. FTC does not manually filter telephone calls as they are made. What they do is issue fines and sue owners of illegal telemarketing operations. There are countless web-sites that are dedicated to fighting telemarketers like where we see stories published about FTC and how they shut down these telemarketers and issue fines worth millions of dollars almost every month (examples here).

The fact of the matter is that FTC is one of the only things stopping these telemarketers especially if you consider that it is now dirt cheap to make telemarketing calls from overseas.

After watching countless documentaries and reading a number of blogs I think the main problem with illegal telemarketing and scamming is a different organization known as “Western Union”. The reason for that is because once you send the money to a scammer through this system it vanishes without a trace. It seems like WU refuses to divulge the identity of the person receiving the money. They’re well aware of this problem because all scammers use Western Union, but seem to be turning a blind eye on the issue. I guess that’s a topic for a different post.