Cop violently destroys a woman’s phone

The police officer in the video violently grabbed and tried to smash the woman’s phone because he didn’t like being filmed. An investigation was launched in order to investigate the police officers and behavior. It appears the woman’s phone was damaged so badly that all video evidence from her device became unrecoverable.

Luckily for the woman in the video there was someone else standing nearby who was able to film this incident.

The woman was not breaking any laws and it can be seen in the video that she was standing at a safe distance and not obstructing their view or interfering with their work. She had all of the rights in the world to film these officers. It’s still unclear as to what is going to happen to be officer in the video. From the video above we can see that he broke at least three laws, because he assaulted the woman, broke her private property and tried to get rid of evidence.

Imagine if the woman, instead of pointing the camera at the officers, simply put the iPhone inside SpyCup. None of this would have happened and we could see her footage, instead of seeing this footage of a police officer assaulting her.

This is another example why devices like SpyCup are absolutely necessary to anyone who believes in the freedom of speech.

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