• To the defense of FTC

    Posted on: 2016-06-02

    Spy cup was originally created as a product that fights for social justice, effectively giving the power to the people to become undercover citizen journalists and safely film things like riots and police brutality. Read more about the original genesis here. I follow organizations like “Human rights watch” and “Public Citizen” as well as government […]

  • Founder’s interview on CBC

    Posted on: 2015-11-16

    Had a fun time being interviewed by the CBC radio. Not about SpyCup as they specifically told me I can’t mention any other projects, but it was a fun experience still. So to sum it up we went from fighting illegal telemarketers to spreading justice by allowing citizen journalism to prosper through the use of […]

  • Cop violently destroys a woman’s phone

    Posted on: 2015-04-30

    The police officer in the video violently grabbed and tried to smash the woman’s phone because he didn’t like being filmed. An investigation was launched in order to investigate the police officers and behavior. It appears the woman’s phone was damaged so badly that all video evidence from her device became unrecoverable. Luckily for the […]