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Spy Cup turns your iPhone into a hidden cam in 2.3 seconds

Put the phone inside, put the cover on top. That's it! Your iPhone shoots amazing quality videos and photos, now you can harness that power for covert recording.

Video Design

Remote trigger

Control your iPhone remotely, up to 30 feet range (9 meters)

iPhone 5/5S & 6

Hidden camera photography/videography for models above (currently not available for 6 plus).

Ready in seconds

Open the cover slip the phone inside, closer the cover. That's it!

Invisible to others

You get 100% clear footage while the phone is invisible to others, even when looking directly at the hole.

Stability, quality & complete stealth!

Secretly photograph or record in HD with your iPhone!

You perserve the same crisp quality while making your phone 100% invisible. You can stare directly into the cup and won't know there's anything inside. This footage is 100% unedited and shows you the type of quality you'll enjoy with the Spy Cup. Notice how stable the footage is when the subject is moving? That's because our brains have a built-in "camera stabilization" for when we carry cups full of liquid. The result is beautiful, covert footage, that perserves the image as well as sound!


Slick & functional

The design will be available in a range of colors

Made of highest quality material, the cup is comfortable to hold in cold and warm weather. The firm grip allows you to comfortably hold the cup. The cover firmly holds in place in case you tilt the cup to the side.